Gasket bending 



Two forms of technologies are used to produce the gaskets in the manufacturing of insulating glass units.

One way to produce a frame, is four separate, sawn parts. In this case, the main disadvantage is non-tight joints at the frame corners. Due to it the increased outer diffusion appears, the absorbent absorbs moisture faster, thus shortening the lifespan of insulating glass units.


When producing gaskets, we use a special bending robot that forms right angles and bends the gasket corners at the right angles. Such a techniques do not allow excess moisture to penetrate the joints. Consequently, the glass units are more resistant to mechanical loads and the leakage of inert gas (argon, krypton) decreases resulting in increased product reliability and sustainability.


The equipment “LOMBARDA” provides aluminum and hot gasket bending. Besides, to create different forms and shapes, it is not necessary to saw the profiles, they are bent thus increasing the period of their exploitation and the persistence of gas – argon.

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