Insulating glass units with Low-E

To reduce the heat loss, the glasses with the selective coating or Low-E (low emission) glasses are used.


This coating helps 2-2,5 times to reduce heat loss. We use the glass with a soft selective coating that is applied to a pre-made Clear Float glass and is distinguished by a high thermal efficiency.


Heat insulation in the glass units depends on the number of glasses and air gaps between them, the glass type and the thickness of the block.


Comparing with the single-chamber insulating glass units, we can consider the standard case with the block thickness of 24mm where two 4mm thick glasses are used and the internal one has the selective coating. The Ug value of such a block is 1.1kw/m2


The Ug value for two-chamber insulating glass units, if the thickness is 36mm and there are three 4mm glasses, from which both – the internal and the external one – have the selective coating, is 0,8 kw/m2. Of course, there may be both slightly higher and lower values ​​of Ug, as everything depends on the glass and spacer thickness. Therefore, you can choose the best and most appropriate - contact us, we will help you.

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