Security and Safety 

To increase the security, a tempered glass is used in the glass block as it is thermally processed and becomes five times stronger than an ordinary glass. When broken, it crumbles into small pieces, which is not harmful to human’s health.


A laminated glass may also been used for safety reasons. This glass is made of two or more layers of glass with a polymer (PVB) foil between them. The thickness of one foil is 0.38 mm, and, depending on the required level of security or protection, one or several foils be used to make the laminated glass.


The thicker the glass and PVB layer is - the higher durability class it has as well as better sound absorption and protection from the sun's UV radiation.


A laminated glass, which intended only for the human’s health safety, has one PVB membrane. Thanks to the membrane, these glasses do not crumble when broken.


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