Soundproof glass


Insulating glass units with sound insulation can reduce unpleasant noise of a city and street traffic.

Experience has shown that an effective soundproofing solution for the glazing should be based on certain principles:



  • ·        The thicker, more massive glass, the harder it is to overcome the          waves of sound,
  • ·        Different thickness of glass used in practice,
  • ·        To increase the sound insulation, specific laminated glass insulating       the sound is used. 



To get a view of numbers that describe the level of sound insulation, please, take a look at the example of sound vibrations:



  • ·        The human being does not detect the change for up to 3dB,
  • ·        The changes for up to 5dB - are clearly audible,
  • ·        The human’s ear detects the changes for up to 10dB as a significant       increase or decrease.

Sound insulation (Rw) is indicated by decibels (dB), and this value describes the capability of glass reducing distracting and unpleasant noise.

Whisper 30 dB


Speech 40-60 dB


Typewriter 65-75 dB


Car 70-80 dB


Trucks 80-90 dB


Air hammer (drilling) 90-110 dB


Jet 110-130 dB



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