Transportation and storage regulations



  • It is allowed to transport the glass products by any type of vehicle in accordance with the freight transport regulations for the particular vehicle by which you can ensure the delivery of the goods, without causing damages.
  • It is forbidden to stack other products as it may cause damage to the product or packaging.

  • The driver is responsible for the quality of transportation.

  • Special precautions must be taken during transportation not to cause damaged to the glass edges or surface.
  • The consignee shall take full responsibility for the unloading and storage.

  • Package handling, loading / unloading is carried out with the appropriate technique.

  • It is forbidden to use inappropriate technique when loading / unloading products as well as to push and pull them.

  • Only one package is allowed to be moved, loaded/unloaded simultaneously.


  • Glass should be protected from sunlight, rain water, cement dust, welding sparks, etc.

  • In a case of prolonged storage , glass has to be stored in a dry and well- ventilated room to avoid efflorescence.

  • The temporary storage of the glass on the rack has to be provided as it is depicted in the picture. It is important to ensure good ventilation.

  • When storing the glass on the rack, it must be protected from the sunlight (heat might cause the appearance of ) and can not touch the ground.

  • Packages shall be unloaded in the sites where there is no intensive technical and human movement.

  • Avoid of a collision or mechanical action onto the glass.

  • NOTE! Even short-term effects of sun onto the glass during the unloading or mounting, may cause cracks.

  • Some special glasses, such as fire resistant glass and glass with coatings, should be stored indoors, where they are protected from moisture, cold and UV rays. They should be protected from the direct rays during the transport and storage. During any transportation or movement, the glass must be packed in a material that protects from the penetration of the sun rays.

  • Glass should always be stored upright.

  • Glass must be placed at right angles towards the base, which should be dry and soft.

  • The base should be elevated above the ground level in order to avoid the penetration of moisture.

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