Packing in wooden boxes

Wooden box is made with internal dimensions that are for 5 cm higher than the glass products. By calculating the required amount of boxes, glass products are distributed by boxes taking into account similar areas to achieve the required balance of the box weight. The inner surface of the box is coated with the corrugated cardboard.



After the products are put into the box, they are assembled by putting the pieces of different materials (foam rubber, 12mm isolation material, cardboard) among the glasses and box. The last glass, before sealing the box, is covered with the corrugated cardboard. Packaging into the box is completed by bolting final planks.


In order to fasten the box and fix it to the rack or trolley in the warehouse, the wooden blocks in each box have to be fastened on the inside. This construction lets you open the box and remove the glass from the frame without unbuckling the box from the rack or trolley.


The base of the box must be at least 80mm high to be able to put the product onto the lift trucks or crane straps.


The maximum weight of the box is 1000 kg.

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