Fire-resistant glass

Class E - Integrity, which provides partial protection - in a case of fire it has a capability to protect from flames or hot gases for some time, however, the deficiency of these glasses is intensive heat release.

Available: E30, E60, E90 and even E120.

It is mainly used for fixed and mobile glass partitions, glass roofs, facades, etc.


EI class - integrity + thermal insulation, protection that is more complete in case of fire, glasses are thick and heavy. Flames and gases are detained for longer period.

EI fire resistant glass is a laminated glass with 2 or more of tempered glasses, where the space between glasses is filled with translucent gel that reacts to a certain temperature.

If the temperature rises and heat maximum is reached, the internal gel reacts becoming harder and thus creating a shield and stops radiant heat, which could go through the glass.

The protection level of this fire resistant glass increases in proportion of the number of gel layers between the glass sheets. It is resistant to moisture.

Available: EI30, EI60, EI120 and EI90S.

This type of glass is used in different projects that require fire resistance: emergency exits, escape routes, fire doors, corridors, partitions, facades, etc.


EW class - integrity + limited thermal insulation.

Available: EW30 and EW60.

EW glass has a special coating on one side that reduces heat transfer to the other side.


It is used for interiors and exteriors. This glass can be used in projects where fire protection is required: emergency exits, escape routes, fire doors, corridors, partitions, facades, etc. If the buildings are very close to each other, this type of glass would be required.

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