Types of gaskets

We work with aluminium and Chromatech gaskets when manufacturing the insulating glass units, however, we use also Swisspacer and Termix gaskets.


The gaskets provide the distance between the two glass panes in the unit. Aluminium gaskets filled with an absorbent material are used most commonly. The gap between both glasses is filled with gas - in our case, 90% with agron and 10% with air, which are hermetically sealed with butyl, polysulfide or silicone sealant.


Our second type of gasket is Chromatech. It is a hybrid - consisting of high durability plastic axle fine stainless steel. Thus it additionally prevents the total heat loss through the plastic axle decreasing the penetration of cold air from the outside towards the glass edges. This type of gasket is popularly called - warm gaskets.

Chromatech gaskets are also filled with absorbents. To prevent the penetration of moisture and condensate in the unit, the gap of glasses is filled with gas - 90% with agron and 10% with air and finally sealed using one of the above mentioned sealers.

Chromatech spacers are available in two colours - light gray and black.

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