Insulating glass units

We offer two types of insulating glass units: single-chamber (two glasses) and two-chamber (three glasses) units that are filled with rare gas, in our case – argon, which slows the transfer of the thermal energy from the internal – warm glass to the external – cold glass.


Insulating glass units tend to have different thicknesses, depending on the selected window frame.


The glass unit also has the aesthetic function; therefore you can order glass units with slats, the slat imitation, blinds and even in different shapes (arched, A-line, round, etc.).


The energy transmission through the glazing is regulated by the European standard EN 673, for Germany DIN 410, for UK BS 6993.


Unified physical and technical features and indicators help to get around the wide range of glass offered by the manufacturers of glass and glass units. Among the most important ones, there are the following:

U – Thermal energy transfer rate, expressed in W/m2K unit of measurement;

LT – light transmittance, expressed in a form of   percentage or ratio;

SF or g – solar factor or solar energy transmittance, expressed in a form of percentage or ratio.


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