Laminated glass

Laminated glass is formed by two or more Float glasses with polymer or PVB membrane between them. The thickness of one PVB membrane is 0.38 mm and to make the laminated glass one or several membranes are used, depending on the security or protection class.


Industrially laminated glass - this glass is purchased in sheets from the manufacturer and is used mostly in insulating glass units.


Industrially laminated glass with Low-E coating – also this glass comes in sheets from the manufacturer and has the selective coating. It is used only in insulating glass units.


Laminated glass from several tempered or non-tempered glass, taking into consideration the individual request and needs – we produce this type of glass the glass in our company.

The last ones are commonly used in stair railings, stairs, balconies etc. The variations with the thickness are available at the request because in a case of necessity it is possible to glue together glasses with different thicknesses, besides these glasses may be tempered or non-tempered. The advantage of this laminated glass is the possibility to adjust it to the client’s needs with holes and polished edges.



Maximal laminating options: 3600 x 1600 mm.

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