Self-cleaning glasses Activ, Bioclean etc.

As with any glass, self-cleaning glass coating still retains its glass functions, but unlike the traditional glass, this glass, if correctly installed, has several advantages: better transparency in rainy weather conditions, more rare cleaning, it is resistant to mechanical damages that results to the increased period of exploitation.


Under normal circumstances, the unique coating, affected by the light and various chemical processes, pulls down the organic pollutants located on the surface. Since the material has hydrophilic features, which promotes smooth water spreading on a glass surface, the dirt that has been pulled down by the light, is easily washed away from the surface of the glass, significantly reducing the need for additional cleaning. This glass can be used for both single glazing and insulating glass units, where the self-cleaning coating is located outside the building.


Although the glass coating is a hard, do not use abrasive cleaning agents when providing the additional cleaning, if the one is necessary.


This glass can be tempered and laminated.

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