Tempered glass

Tempered glass is thermally treated and rapidly cooled glass, which after that processing becomes five times more durable than the ordinary Float glass. When broken, it crumbles into small pieces becoming not dangerous to human’s health.


We label the tempered glass with the company’s logo providing the guarantee that the glass is tempered.


The exploiting temperature for non-tempered glass is about +200°C but for the tempered glass – from -70°C up to +280°C.


Tempered glass used in different barriers, stairs, balcony railings, shower rooms, kitchen panels, shop shelves, partitions, insulating glass units etc.


All tempered glasses can be with polished edges and holes according to the customer's needs and requirements.


Tempered glass is no longer being the subject to mechanical processing. All kinds of cutting, polishing and drilling should be before the glass undergoes the tempering.


Our maximum tempering sizes: 4800 x 2800 mm, minimums size 100 x 250 mm


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