Hereby we inform you that Livonia Partners (Livonia), the owner of Klaasimeister AS (Klaasimeister) has acquired 100% shares of Latvian glass processing company Transparence SIA (Transparence).

Currently Transparence is operating as a subsidiary of SPV Livonia Glass and during 2022 Transparence will become a subsidiary of Klaasimeister. As of today already, the management board members of Klaasimeister are also the management board members of Transparence. The existing trademarks of both Klaasimeister and Transparence are preserved and all agreements with employees, customers and partners will be in force for both companies.

This acquisition enables both Klaasimeister and Transparence to offer our customers more competitive solutions and strengthen the position of both companies in the European glass processing market.

In case of any questions, please, get in touch with Transparence or Klaasimeister sales managers.