About Us

Transparence Ltd launched back in 2003. Step by step growing in glass processing industry and keeps lead position in Latvia.

Company competence grows no only from bigger and more complicated projects or more advanced technologies but also from workers in company. Many workers in Transparence Ltd have been working from first day – with more than 15-year experience in industry. Professional workforce allows to be confident in supplying volume and quality in glass products.


Transparence Ltd vision sets goals to be best glass processing company in Baltic states and set mark for other European glass processing companies. Not only from growing turnover, but also rising quality standards, building more complicated glass combinations and expanding in glass unit dimensions. We set our goal to provide best possible glass product for end user.

With more than 15-year experience company exports more than 75% of it’s production to the Baltic and other country markets. Depending on project difficulty we can adopt to strict delivery terms and high demand delivery requests.


Our everyday workflow consists of more than 200 independent customers.



The development and operation of the company is ensured by 19 administration and 57 factory floor workers.

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