Quality management

LLC “Transparence” is one of the largest glass processing factories in Latvia, which has been operating since 2003. The Company’s products are known both in Latvia and abroad.

The Company manufactures double-glazed windows, processes all types of glass, offering decorative, tinted, heat-insulating, solar-reflective, fireproof, laminated and other types of glazing.

LLC “Transparence” is characterised by the introduction of modern manufacturing technologies that are worker-friendly, rational and focused on the protection of resources and environment, ensuring continuous improvement of the performance of all processes, increasing their efficiency.


To ensure the production of glass products of the highest quality, in accordance with the customer wishes and requirements and in accordance with binding regulations, norms and standards.

The Company is certified according to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 5001:2011 standards. We work with certified materials and in accordance with ISO 9001 requirements.

LLC ”Transparence” Quality, Environment and Energy Policy:

  • includes a focus on the satisfaction of existing and potential customers with high-quality products and services, and the fulfilment of the requirements and wishes of other concerned parties, which determines consumer confidence and repeat product orders;
  • includes a focus on continuous system improvement that reduces production costs and ensures higher productivity;
  • supports the choice of energy-efficient and eco-friendly products and services in procurement;
  • supports the use of safe, eco-friendly and energy-efficient working methods;
  • supports the production, design and development of products that generally help customers and society to implement the sustainable lifestyle and energy saving principles during their operation.
LLC “Transparence” is focused on continuously improving and perfecting quality management, analysing the Company’s operations and meeting the set requirements, adapting them to changes and new challenges.
The Company’s products and services comply with the binding legal regulations of the Republic of Latvia and international standards, also with the legal regulations of foreign markets, if such are binding. The Company’s management takes into account the changing requirements and wishes of customers in the range of products offered.



Our success is ensured by our professional and creative employees. The Company motivates the employees to produce quality products and render quality services and takes responsibility for the quality of its work.
Every employee and everyone working for the benefit of the Company is responsible for the implementation of the Company’s policy. Each employee is responsible for his/her actions in the operation and improvement of the quality, environment and energy management system. The employees are constantly encouraged to submit proposals for the improvement of the quality management system.
The task of the Company’s management is to create the necessary preconditions for the provision of quality products and services. The Company’s management constantly evaluates the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the Quality Management System, employees’ actions and understanding in the field of quality.

Quality Control

Quality control is very important at all stages of the production process, so our quality engineers oversee the production of a glass product from inspection of raw materials and control of the production process to the complex inspection of the finished product.

Enviromental protection

In order to protect production and the environment more efficiently, LLC “Transparence” continuously improves the production quality and environmental management system and promotes sustainable development of the Company as a whole.
LLC “Transparence” undertakes to produce high-quality products by thoughtfully reducing resource consumption, using the best available technologies and solutions, complying with the requirements of national and international environmental laws and regulations and other requirements binding on the Company in the field of environmental protection. The Company regularly educates its employees on resource saving and environmental protection issues.

Goals of Environmental Policy:

  • rational use of natural and energy resources;
  • reduction and prevention of environmental pollution;
  • preventive identification and management of environmental risks.


Energy management

When implementing its energy management system, the Company uses energy economically and rationally. In order to be able to provide the necessary business processes with minimal energy consumption, we independently improve energy efficiency.

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