Other glass types

Glass is a very popular and favorite building material, and there are a lots of research centers, laboratories, universities, companies and just enthusiastic people continuously investigating and working on further glass and glazing improvements and innovations. There are lots of new ideas already introduced, and many more are yet on their way to us. Just one of such innovative products that entered glazing market already many years ago, was "self-cleaning", or "low maintenance" glass. Two big float glass manufacturers developed such glass coating which after initial activation by exposition to natural solar UV radiation is able to decompose and drive away the organic dirt from its surface, and hydrophilic properties of this coating ensure that rainwater spreads evenly over all glass surface and easily, without traces flushes all this dirt away. Indeed, it did not make the glazing absolutely maintenance-free, but it allowed to wash glass less often and with reduced amount of detergents. The brand names of these glasses are Pilkington Activ™ and Saint-Gobain Glass Bioclean®, etc.