Painted glass

There are different technics of application enamel on glass - silkscreen, roller, digital printing. Any of these printed glasses require consecutive thermal treatment - either toughening or heat strengthening, which permanently fuses enamel to glass surface. Such enamels are as strong and durable as glass itself and resistant against discoloration.

Fully colored glasses usually are painted with silkscreen or roller, and they are used as a spandrel glazing that covers non-transparent parts of building. Fully painted glass is not intended for see through use. Black borders, which cover the edge seal area of structural glazing, usually are applied with silkscreen or digital print. For repeating single colored decorative patterns, the most cost-effective application way is silkscreen printing, but the digital printing makes it possible to have any full colored, high resolution image applied either on one single glass pane or enlarged and spread over entire building facade.