Insulating glass

Insulating glass unit consists of two or more glass panes with hermetically sealed air or gas filled cavity between them. The cheapest, very basic IG unit’s composition is made of two clear float glass panes and filled with air, which cannot fulfill performance requirements of the modern building regulations and hence should be considered unsuitable for use in inhabited buildings. Nowadays there are plenty of different kinds and types of glasses, glass coatings and laminating interlayers, as well as two types of glass heat treatment, which all together allow to build highly customized glazing compositions according to special requirements of every project. Being hermetically sealed system, insulating glass unit inevitably reacts to changes in ambient temperature and atmospheric pressure. Low air temperature and high atmospheric pressure cause the panes of glass to bend inwards and, in extreme cases, even to touch each other, while high temperature and low atmospheric pressure cause the panes to bend outwards. To reduce the negative impact of such an effect on the appearance of the glazed facade, the outer pane of the insulating glass unit should always be thicker (stiffer) or at least the same thickness as the inner pane. If insulating glass units will be transported or installed in heights more than 1500 m above sea level, the certain pressure adjustment means shall be used, to avoid excessive bowing or even breakage of insulating glass units.

Technical information

Max. size5000mm x 2800mm
Min. size320mm x 180 mm
Min. thickness12mm
Max. thickness80mm
Step processingSteps on all 4 sides
Units bottom: 100mm;
Units top: without limit;
Units front: 100mm;
Units back: without limit.
Gas typeArgon, Krypton or mixed gas
*For maximum and minimum dimensions additional rules apply - more information in sales department