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The cold bent glazing, as its name suggests, is being made without use of hot glass bending process. Compared to hot bent glazing, the cold bent glass has better optical quality and its production require less energy, but, according to Sedak, its minimum radius is restricted to about 1500 times the thickness of glass. It means that there is only a slight bending possible, and glass needs to be tempered before cold bending. There are two ways to produce facade with cold bent glazing:

  • Form the glass into the necessary curved shape prior to its installation into frame, by lamination of flat glass sheets that forced into required curved shape. The bending radius shall be somewhat smaller than the target shape, because the glass will slightly straighten after finished lamination process.
  • Force the flat glass unit into slightly curved frame using pressure plates or structural silicone. The cold bent glazing is a relatively new product, so it can be a real challenge for all involved parts, including engineers, manufacturers and installers.